Skilled and Experienced Commercial Builder Contractor

Make your business shine when you take advantage of the paving services at Pencon Canada. Unlike some other concrete and asphalt paving companies, our professionals work with all types of clients, including residential, municipal, and commercial. As such, we know the general needs of each client and the requirements of each project. To get to know more about the specifics of your project, our commercial builder contractor works with you to gather information about the paving design, and your goals and budget. This allows us to meet and exceed your expectations.

Each concrete and asphalt paving contractor at our company has the knowledge and skills needed to meet the high expectations we set for them. After more than 15 years in business, we have adapted to the changes in the industry and welcome changes in materials, technologies, and processes as chances to learn, grow, and better provide for our customers.

Quick and Efficient Asphalt Paving Contractor

Get the paving solutions you need without having to delay your day-to-day business procedures. We know your business is important, and any construction to your property has to be fast in order to avoid lost profits. Although our concrete landscape contractor works quickly, quality is never put on the back burner. Our professionals know you can get the best of both worlds, and we strive to constantly improve our technology and methods in order to give you the whole package.

Whether you need a sidewalk leading to the door of your business or an expanded parking lot to hold your many customers, our commercial builder contractor can give you what you are looking for. To ensure you have complete confidence in the finished product, we also guarantee our products for 12 months as well as a 2% rebate for qualified work delays or scheduling problems. This allows you enough time to see how long the beauty and functionality of our concrete and asphalt solutions last.

Landscape Contractor for Concrete Surfaces

Choose a landscape design that is clean and cohesive. Your plants are not the only things that make up your landscape—your concrete surfaces also count. With a well-designed landscape layout on the outside of your business, you can attract more customers and further impress the ones you already have. Our professionals analyze your current space and design paths and other paved surfaced that work perfectly for your business. Consult with us to start making your business more beautiful.

Our Completed Commercial Projects

Commercial Commercial Commercial Commercial


Year Client Work Project Contact
2003 Torbear Contracting Inc Parking Lot & Landscape Senior Homes & Schools Phil Aspro
2003 MJ Dixon Const Ltd Parking Areas & Landscapes Schools & Commercial Bill May
2003 M.Monteith Ent Ltd Parking Areas & Landscapes Schools & Commercial M. Monteith
2003 Derbtile Const Inc Parking Areas & Landscapes Schools & Commercial J Plateo
2003 Tasis Constr Inc Parking Areas & Landscapes Schools & Commercial Andy
2002 Spectre Const Inc Parking Areas & Landscapes Schools & Commercial G.Plateo
2002 Tambro Const Inc Parking Parking Areas & Landscapes Schools & Commercial P.Tambro
2002 Garritano Bros Parking Areas & Landscapes Schools & Commercial S. Garritano
2001 Peltar Paving Co Parking Parking Areas & Landscapes Schools & Commercial S. Tarrantino
2003 John Bates & Assoc Parking Areas & Landscapes Brampton Transit Corey Stern
2002 Mercedes Benz Canada Parking Areas & Landscapes 401 & Mavis Rd Mississauga
2003 East Court Ford Parking Areas & Landscapes McOwan & Sheppard Agincourt
2001 Honda Plant & Dealership Parking Areas & Landscapes VanKirk Dr Brampton


Contact us today to learn more about our commercial paving services. We proudly serve residential, commercial, and municipal clients in and around Toronto, Ontario.